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Hocking College, one of the first Ohio colleges to be approved as a Cannabis Laboratory Technician program, released the results of a study looking at the CBD concentration CBD coffee brewing methods.

The Hocking College Cannabis Analytic Laboratory began the research project with CBD Health Collection. Their goal was to evaluate the stability of CBD in brewing coffee using generic K-Cups and other popular CBD coffee brewing methods. The study was conducted with three methods: CBD-infused generic K-Cups, CBD-infused ground coffee, and adding CBD into the cup prior to a pour-over. The studies determined that when adding CBD to either ground coffee or generic K-cups (the most popular methods of providing CBD Coffee) very little of the CBD was actually transferred to the coffee cup (less than 10% of the CBD advertised in the product) after completing a pour-over, making these methods not viable for providing the consumer with the full dose of CBD.

The study also found that a post-brew addition of a premeasured packet of CBD-infused ISOEdge added directly to the coffee resulted in more CBD concentration in the coffee and consistent levels from brew to brew. The study demonstrated that 100 percent of the ISOEdge product gets to the cup and is stable for 20 minutes. Using the other methods, consumers are throwing away nearly all of the CBD they originally paid for.

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